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New Year, New You - Gain Insight & Find Love - Aligned Signs Event
Event Description:

It's a New Year, make this one filled with the things you want!


Get the insight you are looking for to make the changes in your love life that bring you the romance you are in search of.  This is a practical and proactive  workshop. So if your resolution is to bring out the best you and attract your better half, get in the front sit and drive life!

Sometimes you don’t have all the resources (time, money, partner, knowledge) but, there is an asset, nobody can take away from you. Let us help you calibrate your inner power of wisdom and make the most of it to find the love you are in search of.

An entrepreneur uses imagination as the simulator of the mind. They create and observe various scenarios to handle situations ahead. In this workshop you will learn:

-To look into the future as a plethora of opportunities yet to be seized

-Understand the limitation and blind spots of perception

-Discover new ways of doing things


You have a goal, but the path to reach it is just as important. With us, learn to play life, check possibilities, and truly experience what you seek.

When you adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur, you enrich the environment you are in, from within. You are your own self-laboratory and even when you “fail”, you view life as a school of awareness to find your best path.   As Einstein put it, “Failure is success in progress”, you have just found more ways in which something does not work, bringing you closer to the way in which is does work. 

Adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur, is initiating and writing your life scenarios and then playing them and directing them.

Can you adopt the mindset of the entrepreneur to find love? You can now!

Change your mindset, play life, drive life, find a partner to drive with, and enjoy your journey.


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