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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Elements: The Air Signs - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

  In Western Astrology, the signs are separated into four different elements: earth, fire, water and air. The air signs include Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Similar to other signs that fall under the same element, there are many similarities...(more)

Your Ruling Planet: Everything You Need To Know

Stay Connected -          The ruling planet of your star sign is responsible for all major characteristics attributed to it. For example, a Leo gets it charisma from the Sun and Aries its vitality from...(more)

Get to Know Cancer - Compatibility, Strengths, Weaknesses, Career

In Western Astrology there are twelve divisions in which the sky is divided by 30 degree angles. These 12 divisions are in one of the four groups of elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The presence of the Sun in a particular division of the sky thus...(more)

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Positive Self Talk Really Matters: Happiness Is Just Four Gifts Away   Did you know that the conversations you have with yourself are very important to your happiness? It's true. A famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "With the new day comes new...(more)

Springtime: A Search for Renewal

  Spring is in the air. It doesn't take but a short walk in the sunshine to know that Spring is a time of new growth and change. It's all around us. Flowers bloom and fill the land around us. Lawns grow a deeper green that reflect...(more)

The 5 Elements of the Chinese Zodiac

5 Elements of the Chinese Zodiac  The Chinese believe in five key elements that make up the Chinese Zodiac. They correlate these elements to have a connection with the colors we like, our thoughts, and personal preferences. The five elements of...(more)

Astrology: The Difference between the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

‘What sign are you?’ This is a common question that most of us would have come across. And generally the answer that we provide reflects our ‘Sun’ sign. A majority of the people are at least casual followers of Western...(more)

The science of connection Meets the art of attraction

  Online dating has overcome traditional dating. Aligned Signs offers certain perks that are harder to come by when meeting people through traditional means. Aligned Signs is easy to register, works at your own peace, is based on many...(more)

Chinese Zodiac 2015 Year of the Sheep

The Chinese Zodiac New Year spans February 19th, 2015 to February 7th, 2016. It is the Year Of The Sheep, which is the eighth sign in Chinese astrology. The number 8 is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolizes wisdom, fortune, and prosperity....(more)

6 Apps That Help You Think Positive

Thinking positive requires constant work. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to continuously remind yourself about positive thinking. Apps can sometimes bridge the gaps we have in our mindfulness, provoking us to think about our current feelings. Here...(more)

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