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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

20 Body Twitches that Tell All

20 Body Twitches that Tell All

By Aligned Signs (874 words)
Posted in Relationships on February 25, 2016

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Body language depends on culture, upbringing and thoughts. It has a direct linkage to the subconscious mind. From particular movement of body parts you can infer about intent and thoughts of people; more so if you know them well. Presenting some of the movements and the intent behind them...

1. Holds an object in front of the body as shield


It can be anything: a bag, a mug or a tablet. It indicates resistance to a particular idea. The movement indicates a reserved mind and lack of confidence too.

2. Looks at the watch or cleans nails


 Trying to hold a conversation with someone but they keep looking at the clock or anywhere else but you? It's a clear indicator of boredom or irritation.

3. Avoids eye contact 


He or she might be suffering from guilt. In a conversation, it may also mean that the person is not really listening to you.

4. Strongly holds upper arms 


The person is feeling insecure from an unpleasant thought and is trying to reassure by giving a self-hug.

5. Strokes chin while looking at you


Beware! The person might be judging you! At the very least, he is trying to make a decision in his mind about something.

6. Clasps hands behind the head and thrusts the chin forward 

This is a signal of smugness. The person thinks he probably knows more than you and feels a little superior.

7. Looks with eyes widened 


The person is surprised and wants to hear more about the topic that you are discussing. Sustained wide eyes may also indicate admiration or even physical attraction towards you!

8. Gives a tight-lipped smile 

He is smiling because he has a secret he is not willing to give up. This can also be a sign of disinterest in the topic of conversation or a rejection of your views.

9. Chews the end of a pen or pencil

He is not really comfortable with what you are proposing. It is a comfort seeking act, an impulse developed from breast-feeding during infancy.

10. Laughs falsely 


It can mean two things: Either the person is nervous or is trying to show an empathy he does not feel. It is also used to dispel tension in a disagreeable conversation.

11. Scratches the back of the head 


He may be lying. At any rate he lacks conviction about what he is saying.

12. Tilts head to one side


He is really interested and wants to know more. It can also mean that he is sizing you up. It is surely a sign of trust and submission.

13. Fidgets or taps feet or fingers

He wishes he were somewhere else! Maybe he is the restless type. In any case he is a little impatient.

14. Cracks knuckles


It is a sure sign that he needs attention. It can be a comfort seeking behavior too.

15. Touches facial features, especially nose while speaking

Take what he says with a pinch of salt. He may be exaggerating or worse, plain lying!

16. Runs hands frequently through the hair


He is interested in you and trying to present himself in the best possible way.

17. Increases blinking of the eye

Something you said made him quite anxious! This is easily noticeable and generally happens in times of real distress.

18. Constantly shifts body weight

The person wants to desperately to get away from the spot; it is a clear signal of some discomfort.

19. Wags finger


He wants to aggressively emphasize the point he is making. It is generally taken as a threatening gesture as well.

20. Direction of feet

If his feet are towards you it means he is interested in the conversation. If they are pointing away, it means he did rather be doing something else!


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