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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

7 of Life’s Toughest Questions and Fears – Resolved!

7 of Life’s Toughest Questions and Fears – Resolved!

By Aligned Signs (1081 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on February 24, 2014

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Tackle lifes most unexpected occurances!

Inevitably, there will be a point in everyone’s life in which one goes through an existential crisis. It is common to ponder questions like “why am I here?” or “what can I do to make life more fulfilling?”  Depending on the stage of life, personal fears, and the present priorities of an individual ones personal response may vary slightly.  Below are solutions to self-review inquiries that are more common than most realize.

1) It is too late?

“By thirty years old, I should be married.” “By 45, I should be Vice President of Marketing.”

Fear of lagging behind is only compounded by comparisons with people we feel are around the same age and appear to be accomplishing so much more. The best way to avoid this trap is to stop and appreciate your own distinctiveness.  There is only one of you on earth and although you may not realize it, YOU make an impact on the life of someone else in a positive way. Focus on the experiences, ideas and relationships that set you apart.  Step away from the focal point that created the unnecessary worry.  Give yourself a pat on the back for the parts of your life in which you are thriving.  (You may not feel it right away, but guaranteed there is someone out there who sees your life as a success.)

2) Sex

“Have I lost my edge with age!’’

“Are we doing it right?”

“Romance has evaporated!”

Ah, the plethora of tricky questions that can arise on a seemingly familiar topic. Talking with your partner about performance jitters will greatly reduce sexual anxiety.  You may be surprised to hear a fear expressed in return or the simple positive pick me up you need to reconnect with the sexuality that is hiding beneath the never ending list of life responsibilities. New techniques and experimentation will help to reconnect your mind and rev-up libido.

If there is a serious concern, make an appointment with your doctor to ensure mental desires are not hindered by avoidable physical limitations.

Network with others in your industry for new opportunities

3) What if I am fired?

This one can be difficult to control as it depends on the economy and the job market. But there are many things you can do to help create a world of options should professional waves shift.  Networking is a tried and true method to improve your prospects over the course of a lifetime.  If that brings a feeling of dread, do not fret.  There are less daunting ways to keep your skills at the forefront of minds from various contact arenas.  Try paying forward by helping acquaintances get jobs through your associations. Endorse the skills of connections you may have that you have witnessed or feel confident supporting on networking websites.  It always helps to know the trends and developments happening in your particular field so keep learning and stay current.

4) Am I being evaluated?

The worse form of this question, “Am I being judged?” Successful people may encounter unpleasant repercussions of jealousy. Where as a person who may not have achieved a specific level of success may feel they will be labeled as failures. 

Yes, we may infrequently compare ourselves to another but do we really have all the information when doing these comparisons, and once the instant gratification moment passes do we really care?  No.

You will find most people feel the same way.  However, they are probably too busy with their own lives to worry about yours.

Yes, there are moments where I am sure we have all become our own worst critic.  For those hopefully infrequent dark days, take a note pad and jot down the words of praise and positive feedback you have received previously.  At first this exercise may feel silly or tedious but an ego boost is sometimes just what the doctor ordered to remind oneself of all the little achievements that make you an amazing person. 

For an added bonus, mentoring will showcase reasons why people look up to you and is a process that will benefit both parties involved. 

5) I worry too much!

Worrying about worrying! Unfortunately, many of us are prone to fretting about life's uncertainties.  We are wired to be apprehensive about things which are unfamiliar.  What eases many concerns is the acceptance that pain, sadness, and unpredictability are often the turning points of change and thus will always be part of life lived well.  In fact, when difficult times arrive we face them with great determination and resolve as evolution makes us quite capable of dealing with them.

6) There is so much wrong with the world!

Everyday there are reports of environmental disasters, murders, accidents, scandals, massacres, and economic meltdowns in the news. How can one not be cynical? But for every murder, there is a martyr; for every accident, there is a savior and for every evil person there is an angel. The issue with news coverage is that good deeds rarely become viral threads. Keep faith in the goodness of mankind as most people are just happy to help but many times may not pause long enough to notice the needs of others.  Reconnect and see the world in a way of gratitude.  Small gestures keep the soul in bloom.

7) How will I be remembered once I am gone?

It is not the action but the feeling that will be memorialized.   Invest in your relationships.  Appreciate the moments that create rocking chair memories to recall from embraced experiences.  Yes, we all enjoy new adventures and projects but don't the people involved contribute largely to the stories we live to tell.  In the larger scheme of things, even true giants of an era fade but positive deeds and emotions shared with loved ones remain.  Show the ones you care about that they are loved and your memory will live in the hearts of generations to come.

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