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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

9 Skills to Master Before Your First Date

9 Skills to Master Before Your First Date

By Aligned Signs (1000 words)
Posted in Relationships on March 11, 2016

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First dates are the greatest thing in the world but also the worst. You are a mixed bag of emotions, ranging from jittery excitement to extremely petrified. Countless thoughts rush into your head about how you should act and things you should definitely avoid, that it becomes impossible to think straight!

Lucky for you, we've got a trick that will help you avoid these meltdowns. We've listed 9 life skills you should master before any date. Some of these may seem a little deep, but trust us, knowing the answers to these questions will help you find your perfect match.


1. Know Where You Want To Go

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years and who do you see with you? Do you see yourself traveling the world? Maybe getting a big promotion at work? Knowing what you want in the future is the only way you will know how to get there and the same goes with dating. If you see yourself traveling, maybe you will want to be with someone who can travel with you. 

2. Know When To Stop Internet Stalking


We are all guilty of googling our dates before we even get to the first date. We just can't help getting our hands on all the information we can find. It's ok to do some research on your date but know when to step away from the computer. Sometimes less is more and you don't want to risk blurting out a personal detail and sounding like a stalker.

3. Learn How to Talk Yourself Up


Talking about yourself and your work is not an easy task. It's hard to get that balance between not sounding too arrogant or boring. Unfortunately, this is a conversation topic that is inevitable on all dates. Try thinking about the reasons why your job attracted you in the first place and what aspects of it you enjoy. Use those reasons as talking points when talking about your work. 

4. Research Your Restaurants


Picking a restaurant is the biggest problem many of us face today. There are so many choices out there that it makes finding the perfect restaurant a daunting task. Instead of wasting 30min to an hour trying to pick a cuisine, do your research before the date and have a place ready. Make sure it's a place that is intimate but also big enough, and a place you won't run into your friends. Also ask your date if there is a particular food they do not like to eat or allergies so you don't have that problem as well.

5. Reword Your Questions


First dates mostly consist of questions. As we've stated before, it's all about trying to get to know the other person. Instead of asking the same boring questions like "How many siblings do you have?" or "What's your favorite color?" try rewording the questions to make them more interesting. Try "What was your favorite family trip?" and "What color do you absolutely detest?" These questions are a lot more interesting and can keep the conversation going.

6. Decoding Body Language


Besides noticing if your date is making eye contact or is fidgeting a bit, you should see how many times he/she is checking their phone. Having our phones out at the table is now more common than ever, so if your date is constantly checking out their phone, keep that thought in mind. 

7. Recovering From An Awkward Moment with Poise


Chances are you might make a fool out of yourself on the first date. It's normal and almost unavoidable. There's just so much nervous excitement that anything can happen. But, the important lesson here is how you recover from the awkwardness. If you can laugh at yourself and roll with the punches then you'll be making the environment a lot more comfortable.

8. Knowing What You Want Next


We aren't saying you should decide if you want to marry this person by the end of the first date, but you should know what you want to happen next. Do you want to get dessert or leave the date immediately? Do you want to go on another date in a couple of days or wait a week? Knowing what you want to happen next will help put you at ease and save you from possibly staying on longer than you wanted.

9. It's Ok to say No


It's ok to say no. You do not owe anyone anything and need to keep in mind that it is ok to do what you want to do. If you don't want to stay for dessert or go on another date, then that's ok. Don't try to talk yourself into it by thinking that your date was very nice or that they paid fo an expensive meal. If you aren't feeling it, just politely decline. It's better to be truthful and upfront than to drag on situation by saying you're busy.



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