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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Blood Type and It's Effects on Your Love Life, Personality, and More!

Blood Type and It's Effects on Your Love Life, Personality, and More!

By Aligned Signs (1477 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on June 5, 2015

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Blood makes us who we are. Differences in blood characteristics are reflected in everything about us: Personality, metabolism, moods and choices. Here is a look at different blood types.

Type O

This type predates every other! It represents initiation, irresistible energy and a pioneering attitude. ‘O’ type people are known to be outgoing, creative and charismatic. They have oodles of confidence and know the influence they have on people. They do start a lot of causes but do not finish all of them. Anger and impulsivity are other negatives.

Type O’s are prone to thyroid problems which may result in weight gain and fatigue. They have more ulcers than others due to stronger stomach acids. Fish and seaweed in the diet is recommended to control iodine levels and thyroid issues. To avoid overstressing, sufficient raw foods like vegetables and fruits should be part of the diet while avoiding processed dairy products. Also they should eat slowly and chew properly.

Type Os really benefit from cardiovascular exercise, physically and also mentally, due to their higher neurotransmitter activity. They are advised to bring in changes slowly into their life and stick to clear plans.

Type A



They have a calm facade but are generally nervous inside. Their anxiety stems from the need for perfection. Artistically, Type A people are the most gifted among all. At heart, they are extremely sensitive and loyal. Socially they tend to be reserved and keep to themselves.

Type A came about from an adaptation for digesting carbohydrates better. They have milder stomach acids but stronger enzymes in the small intestine. It achieves the purpose, but slows protein and fat digestion. They need to be on a more vegetarian diet with grains, vegetables and soy proteins as regulars. They have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, so they are advised to stay away from sugar and caffeine.

Meditation and deep breathing exercises are recommended for this type. They will do well to stay away from crowds and excess noise. Going to bed early, eating proteins early in the day, cultivating creativity and undergoing regular diagnostic tests are some other recommendations.

Type B



These are free-spirited individuals who chart their own course. They finish what they start and finish well. Logical, detail oriented and analytical, their decision-making and problem solving are key strengths. They are highly adaptable to change. Geographically this type stretches from the Indian subcontinent to the Eurasian planes. Statistically, this is the tallest blood type.

Type B people need to eat less of wheat, corn, tomatoes, lentils and chicken as it negatively affects their metabolism leading to tiredness, weight gain, fluid retention and drop in sugar. They are encouraged to include more mutton, venison, eggs and low fat dairy.

Type B is gifted with the ability to remove nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter involved in release of stress hormones. Through visualization and meditation, Type B can easily stay stress free. They will benefit from intense physical activity and sports like tennis, cycling, hiking, etc. To stay sharp, mental exercises like playing chess or solving crosswords are advised.

Type AB



This is the newest and the rarest of the blood types. The mixing of Type A and Type B brought about its existence. It is a split personality case which takes traits of Type A and Type B depending on the situation. It can be outgoing or reserved; analytical or artistic; confident or diffident. They like to take on responsibility and genuinely help others.

Type AB has problems with proteins and fats like Type A, and with some foods like Type B. Their diets should be carefully designed and should have tofu, fish, low-fat dairy and green vegetables. Fish such as tuna and salmon, and yogurt in dairy is advised.

Type AB has great adrenaline production and quicker clearance of nitric oxide. To manage high emotions, they are recommended both calming exercises like meditation and the physical challenge of sports. Obsessing less, cultivating a hobby and engaging the community will also be beneficial.





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