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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Celebrate Your Independence this Fourth of July!

Celebrate Your Independence this Fourth of July!

By Aligned Signs (815 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on June 25, 2013

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Happy 4th of July!Fourth of July approaches again. Expect the usual speeches, parades, fireworks and excitement in the air, as America turns a year older. Expect the big discounts in the shops, summery joys of a barbeque & beer and in general, the cheerfulness of a holiday.

This Fourth of July, make a pact with yourself! That you will internalize the meaning of being free, rather than merely going through the motions. Think about the freedom of your ‘self’. It is an idea we take for granted, and probably does not let us realize our potential to its fullest.

What does it really mean to be free? When you do not let your actions, thoughts or emotions be defined by another individual or the society at large, you can say you have broken the mold. This is important to understand. Rebelling for the sake of it or living without caring about things, is not the same as not being affected by or conforming to a stereotype thrust upon you. Having an open, unbiased mind willing to accept new ideas and to live life with your own belief of what is right, that is freedom.

To achieve this you need to figure out what your passions are. You need to know yourself well and form conviction in your thoughts Technology gives you the luxury of doing that with great effect. For instance, the site which you are visiting, gives you a quite a few options to not only understand yourself better but also network with like-minded people.  The company of such people makes it easier to do things you want to do and have more enjoyable experience because they share similar a similar outlook and complement your personality. Say you are a finance major working in a bank and financially secure. But your true passion in life is being an actor. You never took it seriously or perused it because you thought it was ‘impractical’. Will you leave your security blanket to do what you like? Perhaps the people with similar thoughts can help you take the plunge or at least help you find a balance between security and fulfillment!

What is your definition of freedom?

There are quite a few of us who live many different lives in our minds. Fantasies become part of everyday life, further disconnecting us from the physical world realities. For example, its winter time and you planning a trip to Hawaii, detailing out all the wonderful excursions in your head. Or say you are on your way into the grocery store and see a nice new car in the parking lot and imagine yourself driving it alongside the ocean with the convertible top down and wind in your hair. As blissful as these thoughts may be, to actually appreciate what you have now, you need to make an effort to rid your mind of these thoughts and get involved in the here and now. Enjoy the sun on your skin as it shines in a window,smell the flowers as you are walking along the sidewalk, and listen for the birds as they sing. You will find that the more you think about what you have, the more you will appreciate it and find the satisfaction you are searching for. Living in the present is freedom from the incessant chatter in your head!

Enjoy your time of relaxation, you deserve it!

The last hurdle on the road to independence is ego. When you are pursuing your passion and truly living the moment, you tend to have a mesmerizing effect on people. They want to emulate you; be more like you. Sometimes though, you might fall into the trap of doings things just to keep people ‘impressed’. The authenticity is lost as the actions do not really come from your soul. So, if need be, do a humbling activity like volunteering to keep the ego in check.  Be true to yourself and free your spirit!

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