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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Decoding the Love Languages: Your Cheat Sheet!

Decoding the Love Languages: Your Cheat Sheet!

By Aligned Signs (982 words)
Posted in Relationships on May 7, 2015

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First thing's first: Find out what YOUR love language is! Take our quiz!

Love is beautiful, but can be difficult to define! Everyone connects to it in a different way. Some like to give love, some like to share and others want to receive it! Different people speak and understand different languages of love.

To make your partner feel truly loved, identifying his or her love language is like breaking the code! Here are a few tips.

Language 1: Words of Affirmation – Compliments and words of encouragement

These people are good with words themselves. They frequently let you know their feelings about you. Their expression is primarily verbal rather than physical.

And, these people are easy to please! All they are looking for is for you to say what they mean to you, and positive words about how they make a difference in your life. Leave them heartfelt love notes, text messages and proclaim your love whenever you can in person. Make sure you mean it. They will be ecstatic on hearing it!

Rather than any physical gift, words conveying positive and loving thoughts make these people feel appreciated.



Language 2: Acts of Service – Making routine life easier

Again, the clues are that these people will always be volunteering to do tasks for you in order to decrease your load. So when you grab a sandwich for them or occasionally do an errand for them, they will value it much more than if you paid for someone to do it for them.

These people see care in your actions. If you cook a meal for them, they will love you for the act rather than the food itself!

For them, doing small acts for them carries more meaning than expensive gifts. In fact, you can even help them do a chore; like doing laundry or cleaning the house. This way you will spend more time with them as well.


Language 3: Physical Touch – Intimacy

These people are quite physical in their expression. Hugging, holding hands, carrying a pet in their arms; it comes instinctively to them.

Do the same for them. Let your hugs show your warmth and your kisses your love. Hold their hands when they are down and offer your shoulder when they want to sleep at the airport!

If your significant other speaks this language, give him or her a night of physical connection. Sex may or may not be part of it but you can always give a great massage! For others, coupons for a free manicure or pedicure are a good idea.

Language 4: Quality Time – Dedicated attention

You will know if they wish to spend more time one-on-one rather than hang out with friends or party with a crowd. When you are together, they might be offended if you keep playing with your phone!

The prize for them is your time. They wouldn’t mind if you just hang around while they cook or do their chores, they just want you nearby!

Here is another opportunity to build your connection through shared activities rather than giving objects. Tickets for two to the movies or a sports game, going skiing together, visiting an art gallery, a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway are ideas that will bring you closer.

Language 5: Receiving Gifts – Thoughtful presents

These people are sentimental about the value attached to an object. They will be collectors of all sorts of items. In fact, some of them wouldn’t even throw away the gift wrap! You are sure to find an old family ring or a great-grandmother’s necklace in their collection. They may be attached to certain brands and designer items too.

It’s not that they are after the monetary value of the object being gifted, but they love the feeling of delight on receiving something they had pined for. Turn it around and they are generally the ones who buy you the most thoughtful gifts as well.


Use your memory and power of observation when you are buying for them. Make note of the offhand remarks of what they wish to have. Think of the things they hold dear. If you are able to remember that bracelet she thought was fabulous and give it to her six months later, you are in for some happy times!



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