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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Fall Festivities to Ignite That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling!

Fall Festivities to Ignite That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling!

By Aligned Signs (840 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on October 30, 2013

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Love is eternal. It does not need a season to celebrate. But an excuse to spend time together with your loved one and make delightful memories is always a great idea!

Festive Fall Date Ideas

So, rake in the leaves, pick up the berries and just have a ball this fall with the following merriments!

  1. Make a Wish List – There is nothing like sharing desires and the things that excite you. Jot down stuff that you want to do in the future; it doesn’t matter if it has a week timeline or 5 years. Rack your brains and fire your imagination together. Two heads are better than one! And have a laugh about it while doing so! You might learn something new about each other…
  2. The Pumpkin Patch Date – Fall is about the vivid colors, the crisp air and of course PUMPKINS! Head to the local patch and scour the area. At home, scoop out the insides and see how you do at making a pumpkin pie together!  Don’t feel your skillset is in the kitchen?  Then get creative with the carving or see how you do with the markers. You can make HIS and HER pumpkins or simply carve hearts on it.
  3. The Corn Maze Outing – This time of the year corn has grown to high heights on the farms. Go to the fields during the day and get lost in the corn maze. Feel like kids together and play hide-and seek! These can be really intricate at times, so bring a couple of granola bars or something, it might take while to figure your way out. Yes, problem-solving and teamwork can actually be a blast!
  4. Take a Hay Ride – A little aroma of rustic countryside paired with sweet snuggles is a joy ride that is hard to resist. Feel the romance as the two of you lie on hay stacks under the open sky on a starry night with a flannel blanket. As the temperature drops, you will be hard pressed to find better places to nestle together!
  5. Pick up the Leaves – Fall is defined by the drift of leaves from the trees.  There are heaps everywhere that decorate your walkway with beautiful colors. Bring a picnic basket and take it all in.  You might find yourself tempted to round up some leaves and toss them into the blowing wind. Don’t forget your camera, candid shots with this backdrop are sure to be lovely.
  6. A Horror Flick in a Haunted Place – Select a movie that you are sure will make your hair stand on end and load it on your laptop. If you are daring enough, go out into the dark and watch it in an empty building or near a cemetery. The fright factor is a lot more intense when not hiding under the covers.
  7. Go on an Adventure – Keeping active doesn’t have to mean going to the gym taking solitude time on the treadmill.  Branch out on a limb with your partner zip-lining through the trees of effervescent color.  Or saddle up on horseback and take a back seat in experiencing the landscape.
  8. Make a Dessert – A little sweetness goes a long way. How about making S’mores? There is nothing better after dark out in the backyard on the fire. Don’t have a backyard or a fire? Make a hot tasty cup of hot chocolate or warm apple cider to sooth your taste buds. If you are good with your hands, see how you complement each other when building a house, a gingerbread house that is.
  9. Watch Football – If you are the sporty types and love football, going to a game is like a carnival! It does not matter if it is NFL, college ball or the local high-school game where the neighborhood kids are playing. Make it more interesting my quizzing your partner on the game and giving points for the right answers. In the end, you both win!
  10. Head to the Country Fair – This is a place where everyone is amused. The music, the stalls, the food and even the occasional ride. Just to be in the company of loads of people having simple, unadulterated spirited energy is an exciting experience.
  11. A Hot Air Balloon Ride – If you are willing to spend, this can be an unforgettable experience. Soar into the clouds and glimpse the world beneath with your loved one by your side. Seeing the scenery is breathtaking gift to your partner like no other.

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