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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Facing Unemployment? How to Make This a Positive Experience

Facing Unemployment? How to Make This a Positive Experience

By Aligned Signs (605 words)
Posted in Positive Thinking on August 8, 2014

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Facing Unemployment? How To Make This a Positive Experience


Being laid off from your job can come as a big shock and worry for people. Unfortunately, over this difficult economic time, the past few years have seen more and more of us faced with the prospect of unemploymentand left the rest of us landed with the fear that our careers aren’t quite so secure as we once may have believed. Being told you’re being laid off can mean your future can suddenly look unclear, and concerns can take over about how you and your family will cope and how it will affect you all. We all have financial obligationsthe house, the car, bills to pay, etc.and realising your financial future isn’t necessarily set in concrete is a huge wake-up call and burden.

Suddenly finding yourself unemployed is unfamiliar territory for most people, and if you’ve been employed {#/pub/images/fired.jpg}for a long time, the process of job hunting and interviews can be overwhelming, as you may feel out of practice in presenting yourself to potential new employers. But have you ever considered what the alternatives could be? Have you previously dreamed of making a career change, or of breaking free and becoming your own boss, maybe even jetting off somewhere and seeing the world?

Pip Thomas was laid off from her job over the Christmas periodpossibly the worst time to be given that kind of newsand it of course came as a massive shock. However, Pip managed to turn the negative into a positive and used the job loss as an opportunity to try something new. By using her NLP training to go into business, she was able to see her strengths, utilize her confidence, and realize her dream to work for herself and achieve something on her own.  Find out more about Pip’s unemployment story here.

It’s easy to let yourself become consumed with all the questions filling your head: how will I ever find another job, how can we survive financially without my steady income? Instead of letting the negatives take over and filling her days with worry and doubt about the future, Pip took control by using her{#/pub/images/happywoman.jpg} severance money to fund her new business. Instead of letting her fears and concerns take over, she took an active step to finding a solution to the situation she had found herself in. Pip had previously always doubted herself and her abilities; she had no confidence in her abilities to start up on her own and run her own business, and this was limiting her true potential.

Pip’s story shows that job loss doesn’t have to be a negative if you see it as an opportunity to make  positive changes to your life. Receiving a lump sum severance pay-out can be a great way to add start-up capital into a new business. Our own limiting beliefs can often stop us doing the things we dream about, but your future is down to you and your career can be whatever you decide it to be, if you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Pip Thomas,

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