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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Know, Love or Are a Leo? Find Out Who's Most Compatibile!

Know, Love or Are a Leo? Find Out Who's Most Compatibile!

By Aligned Signs (1282 words)
Posted in Western Astrology on September 9, 2015

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Leo is represented by the Lion in Western Astrology. Just like the King of the Jungle, Leo’s energy is vibrant, passionate, full of charisma and oriented towards leadership. Check out how a Leo fares with other signs in a relationship!

Leo – Aries

The relationship scores a near-perfect 9 out of 10. The signs are in tune with each other. Both like to live a life of full of action and drama. Decisions are quick and well-executed.

The Lion and Ram are aggressive and full of passion. The bedroom is always on fire! Both understand the other’s strengths and more crucially, the need for space. There is an innate trust. The only destabilising influences are the Leo’s need for leadership and the crude social behaviour of the Aries.

Leo – Taurus

The relationship scores a 6. The two have little in common except for the pursuit of the luxury. The Bull can provide the roots from which the ambitions of the Lion can take flight. In turn, Leo showers the Taurian with material happiness.

Taurus is stubborn and will refuse to be led. It will also find the Lion to be egoistic and someone who always acts for applause.



Leo – Gemini

The relationship scores a strong 7. Both admire the other’s capabilities. The wit, humor and intelligence of the Gemini go well with the charisma and leadership of the Leo. There will be a lot of creativity. Leo showers Gemini with its generosity and Gemini allows Leo the centre stage.

Leo is emotional while Gemini is logical hence decisions will be misunderstood. Leo can be too dominating while Gemini can be detached.

Leo – Cancer

The relationship scores an average 6. There are elements in both that can either be opposing or complementary, depending upon the individuals.

Leo provides security to Cancer. The nurture of the Cancer allows Leo to shine even brighter. Cancer does not mind the dominance and Leo learns subtlety from the Crab.

But the Cancer is highly sensitive and easily offended and the Lion can be too self-centred.

Leo – Leo

The relationship scores a huge 8. Both feed of the royal charisma of the other. With mutual encouragement, they become leaders in their professions. They will be a highly creative, socially active, power couple which unstoppably rises through the ranks. There will be good food, great sex and mutual spiritual growth.

Both will be advised to use humor to diffuse the friction caused by the need for dominance.

Leo – Virgo

{#/pub/images/12008984_s.jpg} The relationship scores an average 6. Here, the Leo makes the broad plans while the Virgo fills in the details. The execution and the attention to detail of Virgo go well with the vision of Leo. It is a fulfilling relationship on many levels.

Virgo has a subtle need for respect which will not be forthcoming from the Lion. The perfectionist Virgo’s criticism will become exasperating for the proud Leo. Both signs have different expectations from life; Virgo wants it to be quiet and understated while Leo wants to rule the world!

Leo – Libra

This relationship scores a dynamic 9. It is near-perfect! The charm of the Libra and the charisma of the Leo! They enjoy a shared love for the finer things in life and a sense of aesthetics suitable for the sophisticated. Libra is a rare sign which can actually steer the Leo to do what it wants; that is the level of charm they possess! Leo gets enough attention and opportunities to show its generosity and passion.

The fair Libran puts up a fight for its beliefs while the Leo wants to dictate. The Leo may also envy the social success of the Libran. The action oriented Lion finds the logical Libran too slow in making decisions.

Leo – Scorpio

The relationship scores a fiery 7. Leo falls for the enigma of the Scorpio. The fire and aura of the Lion captivates the Scorpion. The passion always smolders beneath the surface here! Leo is able to comfort the Scorpio with its strength. In return, its sensitivities are enhanced and it learns to see the world through more appreciative eyes.

The psychic Scorpio seems too distant to the Leo. The Scorpio’s conversations will not resonate with the Leo. The material instinct of the Lion is poorly understood by the Scorpion.

Leo – Sagittarius

The relationship scores a perfect 10. It is a fantastic relationship where the wildness and wit of the Sagittarius blends harmoniously with the larger than life, courageous and generous attitude of the Leo. The Lion recognises the need for space of the Archer. It is impossible to tame the Archer and the Lion lets it roam. The Archer finds the Lion protective without being suffocating.

The artistic talents of both come out due to mutual support. They will both travel extensively and live with big houses full of luxuries. Their social stature will increase with time. They will mark their presence on the cultural scene as well.

Sagittarius does not commit easily and loves to flirt, the Leo may become jealous too easily.

Leo – Capricorn{#/pub/images/24258173_l.jpg}

The relationship scores a low 5. Capricorn is a leader too and more subtle one. It can allow the Leo to take the spotlight but will not concede the march. It has its own plans for the future. The Leo lives in the present and finds the Capricornian methods to be tedious. The Goat never loses focus as it goes for stature; it finds the Leo impatient and lacking in depth.

Friction is highly probably if not inevitable as the inherent natures of the two are vastly different.

Leo – Aquarius

The relationship scores an attractive 8. Both signs are highly creative. They will perfectly complement each other. Aquarius is probably the most intelligent of all signs and it will allow Leo’s talents to flourish while succeeding in its own pursuits. Leo’s power and ambition will drive their life. The Aquarian’s novel and path breaking thoughts will help the spiritual evolution of the Lion. Both the material and spiritual are present in this rewarding relationship.

Both are inherently stubborn which may cause some concern in an otherwise flawless union.

Leo – Pisces

The relationship scores a romantic 7. The Fish is drawn by the warmth of the Leo. The lion loves the care and affection of the Fish. Creative talents of the signs are high and there may develop combined works during their union. The Fish lives in the world of its own and at times it becomes difficult for the materialistic Lion to relate with her ideas.

The Lion will be too focussed on itself to note the emotional needs of the fragile Pisces. Eventually, the Fish may tune out and withdraw in its own world. Devoid of attention, the narcissistic Lion may grow out of the relationship.



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Comments (4)

Dr shyamolendu hazra posted on: April 24, 2017

Thank You For Your insformation As we known Astrology is not a mystery, psychic, enchanted, or even otherworldly thing. It is the science, or perception, of how the sun, moon, and planets connect, and how those associations influence us here on Earth.

ThePaganSun posted on: July 9, 2018

Definitely one of the better and more accurate compatibility lists for Leo!

ThePaganSun posted on: July 9, 2018

But actually, you forgot to mention thatIONS are filled more with physical strength and robustness than any weak ram.

ThePaganSun posted on: November 8, 2018

LEO is the sign categorized by its physical might, robust health, ferocity, determination, courage, and energy, not Aries!

Lions are far stronger than any ram and the Sun is by far a more powerful force than Mars so get your facts straight!

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