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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Long Distance? No Problem! Tips to Make Your LDR Healthy and Happy

Long Distance? No Problem! Tips to Make Your LDR Healthy and Happy

By Jaynie Mae Baker (815 words)
Posted in Relationships on July 22, 2015

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Long distance relationships can be one of the most difficult kinds of relationship to maintain, and if you’re involved with one, you’ve probably heard it before.  While they certainly are challenging, a long distance love is NOT automatically doomed for failure. With patience, dedication, trust, and perseverance, it is possible to have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship even when you’re apart. Here are some tips to make it as painless as possible.


See each other when you can.

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but in person meetups can keep the spark going when nothing else can.  If you live only a few hours away, seeing each other once a month or so can provide stability and something to look forward to when things get tough. There’s no substitute for actually holding your loved one in your arms and looking into their eyes without a screen in between. Making plans for the next visit DURING the current one is a good way to keep momentum going and preventing lulls.  Creating a routine when you see each other can be helpful, too – going to “your” restaurant or catching up on your favorite shows.


{#/pub/images/35287979_s.jpg}Talk every day, even just a little.

Once you’ve hit a pattern, it can be easy to let small things slip through the cracks. Just a little bit of communication can go far. Put in the extra effort to text good morning, email on your lunch break, or call on your commute home. This will maintain the communication and connection that most geographically compatible couples don’t need to worry about. Remember, out of sight out of mind – and you don’t want to be out of mind!


Do things together.

All successful couples share interests and activities, and so can you! Watch your favorite weekly television shows together on Skype, or play online games.  Bonding in real time even when you can’t physically be together will strengthen your bond. Even mundane activities can be shared, like cooking a meal at the same time while on the phone with each other, or reading chapters of the same book at the same time and discussing it together.


Know each other’s boundaries and expectations.{#/pub/images/23033772_s.jpg}

It can be hard to ask the tough questions in a relationship, especially a new one, but it’s crucial to be on the same page in long distance relationships.  Be clear about your status – are you dating, engaged, or just seeing where things are going? And most importantly, are you exclusive? It’s best to be crystal clear about this to avoid pain and confusion later on. It’s also important to establish if there’s a need for an endpoint. Realistically, how long can you see yourself maintaining a long distance romance? If things progress, would either of you potentially be willing to relocate?  Finally, you’ll want to establish boundaries for the relationship.  While traditional relationships tend to work this out automatically, the lines are a little fuzzier when you’re partner isn’t available all the time.  How do you feel about your partner going to movies, bars, etc with single friends, and so on?  The best way to maintain trust is to know exactly how you and your partner feel about these types of situations.



Stay positive.

Last, but not least.  The most important factor in any relationship, and especially a long distance one, is the attitude of those involved! Every relationship takes hard work, yours just has a few different speed bumps.  Keeping yourself happy isn’t as daunting as it may seem.  Simply having a favorite sweater or pillow of your partner’s to snuggle can give you those warm fuzzy feelings. Talking about your shared future is also a great way to remember why it’s worth it.




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