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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? How to Tell if He's Worth Your Time!

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? How to Tell if He's Worth Your Time!

By Aligned Signs (1794 words)
Posted in Relationships on August 24, 2015

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Few relationships make it to the stage where you commit for life. At some stage in life, you do look for someone whom you can spend the rest of your life with. The difficult part is that he has to feel the same about you!

For many women, the early part of the relationship is spent in wondering ‘where is this headed?’ Apart from some questions related to insecurity like ‘Does he like me?’ and ‘Does he care for me enough?’ you also wonder whether he is the right person for you or if he is worth the effort.

Obviously, luck will end up playing a major role in how things work out. However, there definitely are some signs that you might help you decide if he is Mr. Right or just Mr. Right Now! You can then move to the next phase of your life and save a lot of time, energy and emotions!

1. He does not maintain eye contact even in the initial dates – Drop him

The excitement of the initial dates should be such that you two have time for no one! During those times, if he does not seem interested, you need to move on. Keep him for the night if he is good but go no further.

2. You feel a connection – Keep him

This is a no-brainer. The key here is that the connection should be effortless. If you have great conversations with him, enjoy activities together and seem to ‘get’ each other intuitively then those are great signs.

3. He really listens – Keep him

This is a rare quality as listening is different from mere hearing. Generally he will take you to places where he can hear you speak. You have to be important for him if he can focus on you and not on his cell phone or work or myriad other distractions while with you. Such a man will generally give you attention in other ways too; he will give you thoughtful gifts, he will constantly stay in touch and come up with plans for the weekend!

4. You do not trust him – Drop him

He may be a looker and you may be into him. But that maybe the case for many other girls and he might be playing the field! He might charm you but he won't care about you too much.

You may want to have fun for a while but do not expect him to be loyal to you. And if he cheats, you will know, as women always do!

5. He makes you feel special – Keep him

His words and actions make you go ‘aww!’You are always thinking about him. You are waiting for his calls and his messages bring a smile to your face. For his part, he will go out of his way to be with you. He would seem charmed by your presence and feel lucky to have you. This one has potential to be Mr. Right!

6. He is not your type – Drop him

You will soon enough. The conversations are stressed, the silences are awkward. There is a strong physical attraction and you want to make it work and so does he. But it just does not add up. You like different things, you dislike different things and there is not much to talk about! Once the sex loses novelty, fights may begin and it may end ugly. Better think of him as Mr. Right Now and enjoy while it lasts!

7. He is into you – Keep him

That is if you are into him too! This guy will be respectful of your time; he will arrange his schedule around so that your dates are possible. He will align his interests with yours and enjoy the process too. He would want to meet your friends and know more about you through all avenues. He would want you to take interest in him, his life and his family as well.



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