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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Quick Short-Cuts for Great Health!

Quick Short-Cuts for Great Health!

By Aligned Signs (878 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on December 9, 2015

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When celebrities flaunting amazing bodies give advice you probably think ‘Well she’s got the time to do that’! They have the trainers, the dieticians, the money and the time to focus, right?

You never really have the time to follow all the rules. Well, the situation is what is. You may not have the same resources but that should scarcely be the argument for not being in good shape.

There are always substitute measures that you can employ to get optimum benefits. Here is a list of some quick shortcuts.


1. Short workouts – To be in shape, you should keep your metabolism going at a fast rate. This is best done by working out for half an hour. If you cannot find the half hour, then you can surely take 3 ten minute walks a day, even round your office. You can try attending your phone meetings while simultaneously walking briskly.

2. Sip a shake before a workout – If eating a healthy snack is not always possible before a
workout, you can have a protein shake or sports drink. Eating after the workout to rejuvenate is also an option.


3. Keep your abs firm – Crunches are not for everyone. Especially not for people with back pain. You can consciously look to keep your abdominal muscles firm by tensing them. You can do this activity any time. While working in office, while travelling or even while having a conversation with someone. Try doing it for an aggregate of 40 minutes every day.

4. Do low-intensity work-out – If you do not have the time to warm-up before a work-out, start slowly till the body hits the rhythm. Once the movements feel nice and smooth, you can increase the pace without risking injury.


5. Drinking a juice of fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables ought to be eaten for their fibre content and nutrients. If that is not possible, you can make a juice of the fruits and even vegetables and make juicing part of your lifestyle. It is quicker and a more viable option for many.

6. Carry a jug of green tea – Sipping green tea during the day will ensure lower levels of cholesterol. It also protects against skin cancer.


7. Limit your portion size – If counting calories and avoiding delicious but calorie rich foods is too difficult, you can look at reducing your portion size. Also you will do well do eat small dinners as the metabolism will be significantly once you go to sleep.

8. Eating fiber with processed foods – The idea is that the processed foods do not hang around in the body for too long. Foods with high fiber content like Carrots, radish, spinach and beet salads can help here so make them part of your diet. Second, drink lots of water.

9. Make nuts and seeds part of your diet – The body needs Omega-3 fatty acids to fight cholesterol. The best way to get them is eating fish. If you can manage that enough number of times then you can make do by including walnuts, soybean and sesame seeds in your diet.



10. Take naps – On days where you can’t fit in your 8-hours-a-night sleep, naps will help you be more fresh and alert. Research indicates that naps reduce the risk of heart disease by more than 30%. Make sure they are just naps – do not doze off for more than 20 minutes or else it will adversely impact your night sleeping pattern.

11. Use jet/hand spray to clean teeth – In a perfect world, you should be flossing daily. If you cannot manage that, you can use the hand spray. The force of the water can clean out the stubborn food particles stuck among the teeth.

12. Relax with music or books – The best way to de-stress is to practice meditation. But it is a difficult exercise to find the time and/or be able to focus and block all the thoughts out. The substitute is to listen to soothing music on your commute or read a book.



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Comments (2)

payal gupta posted on: January 1, 2016

very useful shortcut..!!!

swati sharma posted on: January 1, 2016

These shortcuts and quick tips promise beautiful, healthy hair in less time than your current routine.

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