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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

The Secret to Feeling Fantastic

The Secret to Feeling Fantastic

By Aligned Signs (1478 words)
Posted in Healthy Living on February 9, 2015

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Whether you're just starting out on the dating scene and feeling like you'll never find a partner, or you're starting the New Year wondering why you're feeling pretty rubbish, there's always at least one reason or another for you to think about how you can glow from within and feel amazing again. It is never a bad thing to give yourself a bit of an MOT and make yourself the best you that you are able to be right now. This does not involve buying a new gym membership, going on an extreme diet or buying an entirely new wardrobe and changing your hair colour. But it does involve taking practical steps that will give you that much needed pizzazz you are missing right now. Even those who appear to have it 'together' will always have one area of their life they can improve. And that's because we are all human, and we change every day.

All we can do is work hard to ensure that as we change, we change for the better.Here are some key areas of your life to improve in order to feel fantastic:

Your Love Life



This does not exclusively relate to a life partner or date, this includes everyone you are able to give love to, and who gives you love in return. This could be your Mum, your dog, your best mate or even the elderly gentleman in the care home who loves to talk to you about his adventures in the Navy. You must surround yourself with positivity in order to feel great, and sometimes people are lucky enough to be surrounded by love, and sometimes you have to give love in order to receive it. Do you make enough effort to stay connected with your family? Do you have a social life that satisfies you? Have you been hiding from the dating scene for a while? Do you do any voluntary work that involves you giving people love that really need it?

Paying attention to ALL areas of your love life will help you fill your own heart with love. Arrange a family get together, join a new club and make new friends, invest in a dating app and dip your toe into the pool of digital dating and sign yourself up for an afternoon in a dogs home or care home to brighten up someone else’s life for a day. Work on your love life (all of it) and nurture all the different types of love you are surrounded by.

Your Body


Your body will never be what you want it to be if you constantly give it hate. Giving it hate does not just mean standing and looking in the mirror and thinking 'why do you have to be so lumpy?' or 'why can't you be symmetrical?'. It also means filling it with rubbish, neglecting to stretch it out and make it sweat, and covering it in unflattering clothes that contribute to mirror avoidance. Your body is a temple. Your body deserves worshipping and if you give it positivity, you will get positivity in return. First and foremost you must be kind to your body by giving it the nutrients that it needs. Even something as simple as dehydration can give you a headache, make you feel tired, make your skin dull and give you a low mood. Some simple changes to your diet could be all you need to get you feeling fabulous. Drink more water, do something that makes you move and sweat every single day and eat a rainbow (not the E number laden sweetie kind!). You have to be willing to give something to get something out.

The next thing you need to do is pay attention to how you treat your body on the outside. Do not beat yourself up for wearing makeup or taking pride in your appearance - ever. If it makes you feel good, do it. However if you're putting on tons of makeup to hide what you consider to be an ugly face, or you're wearing certain clothes in order to hide what you consider to be an ugly body, you must make a change. There is a difference between hiding yourself, and accentuating your best bits. So it's time to strip yourself bare and give yourself some love. Pick out the best bits of your body and your face and smile about how amazing they are. Then pick out the parts you hate and accept them. You can do whatever you want to change elements of yourself you don't like (face masks, exercise etc) but if you don't accept all of you as you are now, you won't love yourself enough to walk out the door today and feel fabulous. Love who you are now, and you will have the passion inside you to commit to positive change. Hate yourself as you are now and you won't care about yourself enough to make vital improvements that lead to positivity.

Your Mind


Your mind, your soul and your emotional well-being are so important. SO important. If you don't feel happy, or motivated, or content, you're not going to truly live and feel alive. No one should tell you not to feel sad, or down, or angry if that is how you feel. These are negative emotions but often it's our lack of accepting these emotions that causes the problems, not feeling them in the first place. If you feel something negative, accept that feeling and let yourself feel that way. What you mustn't do is be consumed by these negative feelings. Accept the feelings, feel them and then move forward. The way you move forward is dependent on the negative feelings. Sometimes they can be fixed with a chocolate bar, sometimes they need more attention and require a trip to the doctors or a heart to heart with a friend. When you are mindful of your feelings and aware of them, you can then take steps to move on from them. You cannot be mindful of your emotions when you are consumed by them all the time. So recognize the emotions you have, let them happen and then when your mind is able, think about why you feel how you do and how you can stop feeling that way again. Never beat yourself up for feeling negative emotions, ever. Sometimes negative emotions should be embraced, because they mean you're human and you're alive and feeling. But if you're often consumed by sadness, or anger or low moods that's when you need to think about making a change. Exercise is fantastic for lifting moods naturally. Or maybe you don't spend enough time with people you love, which is also a natural mood lifter. Do you get stressed often? Perhaps you need to commit to having at least an hour of 'mind clearance' time every day. Where you perhaps write everything on your mind down on paper, leave the list on the table away from you and have a bath reading a magazine or listening to your favorite music. Whatever you need to do to become more mindful and aware of your emotions, do it and seek to improve your emotional wellbeing. The first step is recognition, the second step is acceptance, and the third step is making a change.

"If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy" - Kristin Chenoweth

Guest post complements of Queek'd  

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