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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Happy Halloween from Aligned Signs!

Happy Halloween!   Aligned Signs has a sweet treat for you this Halloween... One month of Aligned Signs membership for just $1!   Just enter the discount code below at registration to use this spooky great...(more)

16 Personality Types & Dating

How do your Myers-Briggs® personality type and zodiac signs line up? Learn a little more about yourself with this great infographic that brings it all together—and use that information to create an ideal date, influence your...(more)

VIDEO: What is Happiness?

By Aligned Signs, Posted in Videos on September 12, 2014
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What does happiness mean to you? How can it be achieved? Jessica Roman takes to the streets for Aligned Signs to investigate other people's perceptions of happiness. Get Your Natal, Numerology, and Couples Astrology Reports by Aligned Signs Stay...(more)

Celtic Tree Astrology — What Does It Mean?

Many astrological systems believe that the time of a person’s birth has significant influence on his or her behavior, thoughts, and actions. The Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology are well known examples. The Celtic civilization originated in...(more)

Finally Get A Good Night's Rest! - The Quality Sleep You Need

Stay Connected -            Sleep is a unique aspect of our lifestyle—we spend a third of our life doing it, and we're not alone: Every creature on Earth needs it. While a Giraffe can do with 2...(more)

Facing Unemployment? How to Make This a Positive Experience

  Stay Connected -          Facing Unemployment? How To Make This a Positive Experience Being laid off from your job can come as a big shock and worry for people. Unfortunately, over this difficult...(more)

Tell Us Your AlignedSigns Success Story!

Stay Connected -            Has made a difference for you? Do you enjoy our blogs? Learned a fascinating insight about yourself through a quiz? Maybe you've discovered a great,...(more)

INFOGRAPHIC: Facing a Midlife Crisis

  With the stress of modern living, more and more men and women are hitting a certain age point (40, 50, or even as young as 30) and finding themselves hurtling toward a midlife crisis.  How likely is it to happen to you?  How can you...(more)

10 People You'll End Up On A Date With... Eventually

Variety is the spice of life! Humans are the most unique creation around. You'd be hard-pressed to even find two of the same type. Each one is a character in itself. As we go about exploring life, we meet all kinds of people. Things get even more...(more)

Numerology: What is it, and what can it tell you about YOU?

Curious about the underlying meaning and numerology behind your name and life path?  Then, you have come to the right place.  Numerology is a system that predicts personality characteristics and the future of a person by using the vibrations...(more)

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