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Aligned Signs Blog - Astrology, Dating, Horoscope, Love

Searching 'astrology'

There is No 2nds Chance for a 1st Impression - Get Tips For a Great First Date!

Making a great impression on a first date can be intimidating! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out before, during, and after! by AlignedSigns. Explore more visuals like this one on the web's largest information design community -...(more)

Stages of a Relationship: What is Normal?

Typically there are 3 distinct stages in a relationship, determined by emotional commitment, behavior, time commitment, etc. Which stage are you in?   Get Your Comprehensive Couples Astrology Reports by Aligned Signs Stay Connected...(more)

What his Astrology Sign can tell you about his Love Style!

Everyone has a unique way of expressing love. It can sometimes be difficult to reconcile your expectations of you how you’d like your partner to show their love with what actually happens – and some people’s behaviours may be so...(more)

Why the Chinese Zodiac and Western Astrology are Used for Compatibility Purposes

Compatibility is based on many different levels of your diversified personality. No one component accurately represents your personality profile; however, together with compatibility evaluations like the zodiac, astrological, and MBTI® result type...(more)

Chinese Zodiac Background and Basics

Chinese Zodiac The Chinese Zodiac is said to be more than 2,000 years old, emerging from the Han Dynasty.   The Chinese Zodiac differs from Western Astrology, in that it is divided into 12 cycles, years depicted by animals, instead of months,...(more)

Western Astrology Background and Basics

Western Astrology The origin of Astrology is supposed go back to the days of Atlantis: 11,000 BC, continuing to flourish through Babylon, ancient Greece and Rome.   The theory of Astrology is based on the fact that when a star or planet...(more)

Western Astrology - What You Need to Know

Learn all about the different signs of Western Astrology through our fun, informative video playlist. You'll leave knowing a whole lot more about all the different signs!     Natal, Numerology, and Couples Astrology Reports by Aligned...(more)

Know, Love or Are a Libra? Explore the depths of Your Zodiac Sign

Libra, the only astrological sign not represented by a human or animal, are recognized as the peaceful sign of the zodiac. The scale represents the balance and equlibirum of their lifestyles. Learn more about Libra below:  Natal Charts and...(more)

What are your Individuality Trademarks?

By getting in touch with who you are, you’ll be better equipped to connect with those individuals who bring out the best in you. Being vulnerable (which means putting yourself at risk for attack) is the first step—it’s scary,...(more)

10 Ways to Test Your Love Compatibility

Success of relationships has a lot to do with the 3 C’s: Connection, Communication and Compatibility.   CONNECTION Just like in other aspects of life, the first step is to know who you are and what you want, then to go over it. The...(more)

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